III International film festival 'Eurasian bridge' has wrapped up in Yalta. The closing ceremony took place at the Yalta Theatre named after Anton Chekhov. Among those who walked the red carpet, were Alyona Babenko, Vladimir Steklov, Dmitry Kharatyan, Maxim Shabalin and other festival guests.  
The closing ceremony was hosted by actor Dmitry Kharatyan, along with his spouse, actress Marina Mayko. The head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, welcomed the festival guests. 
«The third international festival 'Eurasian bridge' is a landmark event for Crimea. There are outstanding artists, filmmakers here, and they move Russia forward with their art,», Aksenov noted, thanking the festival founder Nikita Mikhalkov, showcase co-president Viktor Merezhko, program director of 'Eurasian bridge' Kirill Razlogov and other cultural workers present at the ceremony.  
Aksenov emphasized that 'the festival will live and prosper' and confirmed that 'Eurasian bridge' will take place in Yalta next year, too. 
The festival prizes were awarded in the framework of the fiction and documentary competition programs. 8 films participated in the fiction film competition: pictures from Russia, France, Bulgaria, Korea, Spain, India, Sweden, the UK, Montenegro. 9 films from Russia, Bulgaria, France, the Kyrgyz Republic, Sweden and Austria were presented in the documentary competition. 
The fiction competition winner was 'Love and Shukla' (directed by Siddhartha Jatla, India). The same picture received the audience prize 'Crimeans' Choice'. 
Director Siddhartha Jatla said during the award ceremony, «Thanks a lot for the prizes, for inviting me. I'll come to Crimea again and again, I've enjoyed my time here.».
The documentary film competition winner was the film 'Mine Picker' (directed by Zogir Hirori, Shinvar Kamal, Sweden).
The festival closing film was 'At Capetown's Port' by Alexander Veledinsky. 
The festival 'Eurasian bridge' first took place in 2016. The renowned filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov had the idea to create it. In 2014, at the presentation of his picture 'Sunstroke', he suggested founding a yearly festival that would be held in Crimea, to revive and popularize the Crimean film industry in Eurasia, and would boost the building of international cultural network. 
The festival president are Russian Honored Artist Viktor Merezhko and the Crimean minister of culture Arina Novoselskaya. 
The festival took place on September 21-25 this year. 
This year's fiction film competition jury was headed by actor and director Rashid Malikov (Uzbekistan), along with actresses Alyona Babenko (Russia) and Anya Pencheva (Bulgaria).
The documentary competition jury: Russian DOP, director and screenwriter Sergey Mokritsky (jury head), former head of the international department of Finland’s Film Fund, the director of the Finnish Cultural Center in Saint-Petersburg Kirsi Tukkulainen (Finland), Russian langauge and literature professor at the Gyeongsang National university, film historian Hong Sangwu (Republic of Korea). 
The winners of the III International film festival 'Eurasian bridge': 
«Love and Shukla», dir. Siddhartha Jatla (India) 
Special jury prize 
«The Angel Has a Sore Throat», dir. Oksana Karas (Russia) 
Best Director prize 
«Omnipresent», dir. Iliyan Dzhivepekov (Bulgaria) 
Jury diploma for Brilliant Actor Ensemble
«No Strangers», dir. Vera Glagoleva (Russia)  
Audience prize 
«Love and Shukla», dir. Siddhartha Jatla (India) 
Best Documentary Film prize 
'Mine Picker' (directed by Zogir Hirori, Shinvar Kamal, Sweden
Special jury prize for respect and love towards humanity 
«Life is Beautiful», dir. Azamat Sharshenov, Begay Sharshenova (the Kyrgyz Republic) 
Audience prize 
«Life is Beautiful», dir. Azamat Sharshenov, Begay Sharshenova (the Kyrgyz Republic) 
«I want to Serve», dir. Andzhey Petras (Russia) 
«Growing Up», dir. Kim Inson (Republic of Korea) 

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