The Yalta International Film Festival “Eurasian Bridge”

The 1st International Film Festival “Eurasian Bridge” announced the winners

The 1st International Film Festival “Eurasian Bridge” wrapped up in Yalta. During the 4 days of the Festival the citizens saw 49 live-actions and documentary films by directors from different parts of the world.
The Festival opened on September the 30th with the movie “Duelist” by Alexei Mizgiryov. The opening ceremony was held in the concert hall “Yubileiny”. The Jury members, guests and participants of the Festival walked along the red carpet: Nikita Mikhalkov, Igor Petrenko, Natalia Bondarchuk, Olga Kabo, Leonid Vereschagin, Vladimir Malyshev, Anton Malyshev, Katerina Shpitsa, Alexei Guskov, Eduard Artemiev and others.
The hosts of the ceremony the actors Alyona Babenko and Dmitry Kharatyan stressed that the main purpose of the new festival was to turn the Crimea into the Southern cinematic centre. Nikita Mikhalkov, the ideologist of the Festival, Chairman of the Filmmakers’ Union of Russia spoke to the same effect.
“This is the alma mater of cinema, remarked Nikita Mikhalkov. It is the location of Khanzonkov’s first film studio, where a great number of remarkable actors were filmed. It is very important that the Festival should give the impetus to the revival of cinema in the Crimea, to the revival of the Yalta studio, the corresponding project has been prepared”.
The main competition included two subdivisions – live-action and documentary. Nine movies from Russia, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Belarus and Italy competed in the live-action section. The documentary program was represented by seven films from Belgium, Russia, China, Serbia and Armenia.
The out-of-competition program offered Russian premieres including “Duelist”, “Once Upon A Time We”, “Versus”, “Good Boy” and “Icebreaker” which was also the closing film. Besides the premieres the out-of-competition program included “Panorama of World Cinema”, “Crimea’s creme of the cream”, “Magic of Restoration”, “Soviet 3D” and the program of films for children “They Were Color Before War”.
Among the documentary jury members were the composer and director Andjei Petras and the documentary filmmakers Anna Evtushenko and Angelina Golikova. The live-action jury included the actress and director Natalia Bondarchuk, the scriptwriter Olga Agisheva and its chairman the Indian director Talakadu Srinivasaiah Nagabharana.
The Presidents of the Festival were People’s Artist of Russia Victor Merezhko and the Minister of Culture of the Crimean Republic Arina Novoselskaya. The program director was Kirill Razlogov, film scholar and culturologist, President of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Scholars of Russia.
The official press-conference was held on the second day of the Festival. Among the participants were the Head of the Crimean Republic Sergei Aksyonov, the President of the Festival, the Minister of Culture Arina Novoselskaya and Nikita Mikhalkov.
Arina Novoselskaya stressed that during the Festival Yalta became the centre of international cinema, which will promote the development of film industry, raise the tourist and investment rating of the Crimea.
Nikita Mikhalkov said that “Yalta should become the centre where no less than 70 films can be made simultaneously, or still better a hundred”. He shared his plans for adding a film market to next year’s festival.
On the 1st of October a round table devoted to the prospects of the development of cinema in the Crimea was held. The moderator was Oleg Ivanov, managing director of the State Republican Centre of Russian Folklore. Among those participating in the discussion were President of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Scholars of Russia, the Program director of the Festival Kirill Razlogov, Rector of VGIK Vladimir Malyshev, executive director of the Federal Fund for Economic and social support of the Russian Cinematography Anton Malyshev, director of the Ministry's Cinematography Department Viacheslav Telnov, director general of the “TriTe studio” producer Leonid Vereschagin, producer of the film “Good Boy” Vasily Soloviev.
The Closing Ceremony was held on the 4th of October at the Chekhov Theatre. The hosts were Olga Kabo and Boris Levin. It opened with a lively dance number by the “Leningrad Center” theatre and then the awards were given in the following categories.

Winners of the 1st Yalta International Film Festival “Eurasian Bridge”


“The Path to Mother”, dir. Akan Satayev, Kazakhstan
Special Jury Prize
“A Touch of Wind”, dir. Olga Veremeeva, Elena Demidova, Russia
Best Directing Award
Toni Erdmann, dir. Maren Ade, Germany
Best actor
Neri Marcore, “A Holy Venetian Family”, Italy
Best actress
Altynai Nogherbek, “The Path to Mother”, Kazakhstan
Audience Award “Choice of the Crimeans”
“Teli and Toli”, dir. Alexandr Amirov, Russia
Diploma of the Jury
The Count in Oranges, dir. Vlada Senkova, Belarus
Diploma of the Jury with the special wording “For top professionalism in showing cruelty and violence in the modern world”.
“Talas”, dir. Nurtas Adambay, Kazakhstan


“Forgotten Flights”, dir. Andrey Osipov, Russia
Audience Award “Choice of the Crimeans”
“Forgotten Flights”, dir. Andrey Osipov, Russia
Special Jury Prize
“Twenty Two”, dir. Guo Ke, Republic of Korea
Diploma of the Jury with the special wording “For faith in love”
“Last Poem”, dir. Valery Balayan, Russia, Ukraine
Diploma of the Jury with the special wording “For the ode to mother’s feat”
“The Kangaroo Complex”, dir. Sarah Moon Howe, Belgium
Among the awards given at the Closing ceremony there was also the new prize of the Association of Independent Film Journalists with the Filmmakers Union of the Russian Federation “Resonance”. The first awards went to Mikhail Metesky’s “Rag Union” as the “Debut of the Year” and Vasily Sigarev’s “The Country of Oz” as the “Best Film of the Year”.
The Festival closed with the Russian premier of one of the most awaited films of autumn Nikolay Homeriki’s “Ice-Breaker”, which was introduced by the producer Igor Tolstunov.


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