The White nights Belye nochi

Directors: Tatiana Voronetskaya, Andrey Bogatyryov
Script Tatiana Voronetskaya, Vyacheslav Durnenkov
Camera Sergey Baskoev
Sound Dmitry Ilyichenko, Nailya Za
Cast Olga Stashkevich, Dmitry Sergin, Andrey Bogatyryov, Viktor Tikhomirov, Vyacheslav Shikhaleev
Producer Tatiana Voronetskaya
Production Rossfilm
International sales: Rossfilm
Russia, 2017, 97’
18 September 19:00, Saturn IMAX #1
When night falls on St. Petersburg, there comes a time when it seems that everything freezes. The past, the present and the future exist simultaneously. There are two on the bridge: He is a shy and lonely dreamer, who photographs the city all night long, feels sincere sympathy for strangers, and even houses. She is a delicate girl, in love, her face is light, but tear-stained. Four nights of revelations and romance, sadness and smiles, kisses and embraces. But one day the morning will come.

Tatiana Voronetskaya

Tatiana Voronetskaya graduated from VGIK and completed the post-graduate course there. Producer, director, a member of the Union of Cinematographers, the founder and director general of ‘Rossfilm Company’ which has released 60 odd films of different formats. She is also the president of the International Film festival «East&West. Classics and Avant Garde» in Orenburg. Tatiana Voronetskaya is a winner and awardee of many film festivals here at home and abroad. After experimenting with modern art techniques she is trying to develop a new film language.

Andrey Bogatyryov

Andrey Bogatyryov (1985) graduated from VGIK (2005) with a degree in documentary filmmaking. He has directed 10 documentaries and television programs. In 2011, he directed his first full-length feature «Bugs», which was accepted into the Moscow International Film Festival’s Perspectives competition, where it earned a Special Jury Prize. It has followed by «Judas «(2013), which won Best actor award of the 35MIFF.