#Moscow on the Beach #Moscou - Royan

Director: Elena Cosson
Script Alexandre Cosson, Elena Cosson
Camera Dominique Marion Peredone
Music Dario le Bars
Producers Alexandre Cosson, Elena Cosson
Production Leva Productions
Cast Elena Cosson, Donia Eden, Manuel Sorroche, Jerome Soubeyrand
France, 2018, 83’
21 September 19:15, Saturn IMAX #1
Olga is a young woman who decides to change her life after an unexpected event. She wants to see if new technologies can help her makes her dreams true. Nothing better than letting the algorithms manage yours holidays for you.

Elena Cosson

Elena Cosson graduated from Moscow State University of Economics. Actress and director, Leva Productions co-founder. #Moscow On the Beach is her feature debut.