Director: Andrei Eshpai
Russia, 2010, 110’
Early 20th century. The Russian Empire is falling apart, the devastating communist revolution is imminent. In a dilapidated house in some God-forsaken part of Russia there lives a bunch of dreamy poets looking like idiots.
24 September 19:00, Yalta Film Studio Cinema hall
21 September 19:00, Open-air cinema


Directors: Boris Khlebnikov, Aleksey Popogrebskiy
Russia, 2003, 100’
Father and son set off on a lengthy journey from Moscow to Koktebel. They walk through forests and fields, in rain and wind. They meet different people – kind and not too gentle. Some help them, others point guns at them… What made them start the difficult journey? Long ago the father told his son about a wonderful mountain from which you can take off on a glider, thus realizing the eternal human dream of flying into the sky towards the wind and freedom. But the boy tries to find Koktbel on the map to no avail because the Koktebel that his father told him about is a miraculous dream about flight, freedom and unattainable happiness.
21 September 19:00, Yalta Film Studio Cinema hall
23 September 19:00, Open-air cinema

Mirrors Zerkala

Director: Marina Migunova
Russia, 2013, 130’
The film is based on the life of Marina Tsvetaeva, one of the most tragic and greates poets of the 20th century. The authors follow her in Russia, then in immigration in Prague and Paris, and then her return to Russia where she committed suiside.
20 September 19:00, Yalta Film Studio Cinema hall
22 September 19:00, Open-air cinema

Scarlet Sails Alye parusa

Director: Aleksandr Ptushko
USSR, 1961, 88’
A little girl Assol met a wizard and it has been foretold: "... it will be a fine sunny day when a beautiful ship under scarlet sail comes and the noble prince will take you away from here. He'll take you to the world of your dreams, where you will be loved and happy." The neighbours told jokes about her, children teased her, but she waited for her prince.
22 September 19:00, Yalta Film Studio Cinema hall
24 September 19:00, Open-air cinema