Fedot Sychkov. Artist of happiness Fedot Sychkov. Khudozhnik radosti

Director: Aleksey Artemyev
Russia, 2018, 39’
Very few people know about Fedot Sychkov. Almost nobody! But once his paintings were exhibited in Paris salons. He is the owner of six awards of the Academic Exhibitions of St. Petersburg, the International Exhibition in Rome and the American art silver medal. No one could understand why each of Sychkov’s paintings causes unbridled joy? Why, peering into the white-toothed smiles of the heroines of the artist’s paintings and penetrating the plot, you involuntarily begin to squint from the bright sun, feel the aroma of field herbs and the freshness of crisp snow? Only a person who bathed in a sea of happiness and prosperity could write this.
24 September 13:00, Saturn IMAX #1

Hero Geroy

Director: Karen Oganesyan
Russia, 2019, 121’
The story is centered on the story of Andrei, who was trained in the special school of the Foreign Intelligence Service 15 years ago, where teenagers were trained from adolescents. In the early 2000s, the project was closed, and the main character has long settled in one of the European cities and no longer recalls Russia. One day he picks up the phone and hears the voice of his father, who was presumed dead. He tells Andrei that the hunt is open for him. He is trying to destroy unknown forces, and he can only run. Andrei is now driven by a desire not only to survive, but also to find his father again. To help the protagonist comes his first love, Masha, who in everything that happens also has her own interest. Andrei is getting deeper into the spy game, not realizing its true scale.
23 September 20:15, Saturn IMAX #1

Love them all Lyubi ikh vsekh

Director: Maria Agranovich
Russia, 2019, 100’
She always has a plan. For each his own one. For each his own name. One needs Faith, another one – Hope. And almost everyone needs Love. She leaves each one on time. She will find a reason. But who knows, where the lie for money ends and real feelings begin? And who knows who is she: an ordinary capital kept woman, cunning swindler, talented actress or a woman, who knows (just) love? Love to all of them.
22 September 14:00, Saturn IMAX #2

Roubaix, une lumière

Director: Arnaud Desplechin
France, 2019, 119’
Christmas night in Roubaix. Police chief Daoud and rookie Louis confronted with the murder of an old woman. Suspicion fall on her young neighbours, Claude and Marie – girls very poor repute…
24 September 16:30, Saturn IMAX #1