Rules and Regulations
Of the 4th Yalta International Film Festival
1. General provisions
1.1 Yalta International Film Festival “EURASIAN BRIDGE” (hereinafter – Festival) is a permanent cultural project of the Republic of Crimea, held annually in the Republic of Crimea, in accordance with the program of the Festival.
 The Festival will be held in September 20-24, 2019.
1.2 The Festival program is approved by the Organizing Committee of the Festival (hereinafter - the Organizing Committee).
1.3 The Festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea and Mediafest LLC (hereinafter -  Mediafest), with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the participation of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Russia.
1.4 The festival has the status of an International and is open to participation in it regardless of the legal status of representatives of different countries sharing the goals and objectives of the Festival.
2. Aims and goals
2.1  The goal of the Festival is the development of international relations in culture, the promotion of the lofty ideals of humanism, peace and friendship among nations through the medium of cinema
2.2 The aims of the Festival are:
- raising the role of national cinema in developing international ties in the sphere of culture
- discovery, encouragement and promoting of creative achievements in film
- attracting to cinema halls people of different ages and nationalities
- creating favorable conditions for acquainting the audience with the best works of world cinema
3. Festival Organizers 
3.1 The supreme body of the Festival is the Organizing Committee under the chairmanship of the head of the Crimea Republic
3.2. The members of the Organizing Committee and its Regulations are approved by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea Republic.
3.3. Individual members of the Organizing Committee are proposed by the Ministry of Culture of the Crimea Republic and the National Academy of Film Art and Sciences of Russia and with the participation of Mediaafest.
3.4 The state organization “Crimean Cinema Media Center” is entrusted with duties of the Festival Management. It coordinates the organizational, financial, technical, informational and other assistance to al Festival activities.
4. The Festival Program 
4.1 The Festival Program consists of two parts
4.1.1 The Main Competition
- feature films
- documentary films
4.1.2. Out-of-competition screenings
- retrospective screenings
- program of modern cinema
5. Conditions of Participation
5.1. Those wishing to participate in Competition should submit an application form to the Festival management during July 15 - August 25, 2019.
The Selection board selects films for the screenings. Films for the consideration by the Selection board are presented on-line.
5.2 The program of film screenings at the Festival is determined by the Management. During the Festival each film can be screened not more than 3 times.
5.3. The production of feature films in the Main Competition have to be completed not earlier than 2017.
International and Russian premieres are preferred for competition programs.
5.4 Not less than 8 movies participate in the Feature Films Competition. Movies on DCP are accepted for this section.
5.5 Not less than 8 movies participate in the Documentary Films Competition. Movies on DCP are accepted for this section.
5.6. Screening film copies for the Festival Competitions should be submitted in the language of the original and in case the original language is not English should have English subtitles.
5.7. Prints of the films participating in Competitions should be received by the Festival management not later than September the 8th 2019.
5.8 All the conditions and deadlines specified by the Terms and Conditions are mandatory. Otherwise the Festival Management is entitled to exclude the film from the festival program.
6. Documentation
6.1 A filled-in entry form for each film confirming the participation in the Festival, should be received by the Management not later than August 31st 2019.
6.2 The confirmation of participation in the Festival should be accompanied by the following documents sent to the Management
- complete transcription of the movie in the original and in one of the following languages: Russian, English
- synopsis, promotional materials, press releases 
- trailer and movie stills
- information for the catalogue (information about the filmmakers, photos including that of the director and film stills)
7. Festival Jury
7.1. The International Jury of the Feature Competition and the International Jury of the Documentary Competition are judging the Main competition program. 
7.2. Individuals related to the creation or commercial distribution of films participating in the competition cannot be members of the Jury of the corresponding competition.
7.3. Participation of a producer in the Jury is mandatory.
7.4. Festival management covers all the expenses of each Jury member during the Festival as well as travel expenses to the Festival and back, plus one accompanying person to each jury member.
8. Participants and guests of the Festival
8.1 Questions related to the invitation of Festival guests and participants, the duration and conditions of their stay and accreditation are determined by the Festival Management.
8.2. No more than two crew members are invited to present a film, they are director/producer and leading actor/actress.
8.3. Members of the crew must participate in the presentation of the film on the day of the screening.
8.4. The Festival Management covers the following expenses:
8.4.1 lodging during the entire duration of the Festival, travel expenses to the Festival and back of the representatives of the films in the main competition program.
8.5. Terms and conditions of other guests’ stay at the Festival are specified in their personal invitations.
8.6. Applications for the accreditation of Festival participants must be received by the Management not later than August 31st 2019.
9. Prizes
9.1 The Jury of the Feature Competition awards the following statuettes “Eurasian Bridge” to films in Feature Films Competition:
- Grand-Prix - to the best film (is given to the film producer);
- Special Prize of the Jury (awarded according to the decision of the Jury);
- For The Best Director.
9.2 The Jury of the Documentary Competition awards the following statuette “Eurasian Bridge” to films in the Documentary Films Competition
- For the best documentary film;
- Special Prize of the Jury (awarded according to the decision of the Jury).
9.3. The Organizing committee and the Management can award the following prizes:
- the audience award “The Crimeans’ Choice” to the best movie in the main competition according to the audience polls results (given to the director of the film);
- Special Prize of the founders of the Festival;
- Special Prize of the partners of the Festival.
9.4. Within the framework of the festival Open Russian film press awards – «Resonance» will be delivered for:
- The Best Debut of the Year;
- The Best Film of the Year.
9.5. Prizewinners are expected to attend in person the awards ceremony. 
10. Concluding remarks
10.1. Participation in the Festival presupposes compliance with all the articles of the present Regulations
10.2 Address of the Management of the 4th Yalta International Film Festival Eurasian Bridge
37 Krylova Street, Simferopol, Crimean Republic, 295001, Russian Federation