The Icebreaker Ledokol

Director: Nikolay Khomeriki
Screenplay: Alexei Onischenko, Andrei Zolotaryov
Photography: Fyodor Lyass
Design: Denis Bauer
Music: Tuomas Kantelinen
Sound: Aleksandr Kopeykin
Cast: Pyotr Fyodorov, Sergei Puskepalis, Alexandr Yatsenko, Alexandr Pal, Vitaly Khayev
Producers: Igor Tolstunov, Yuri Khrapov, Vasily Solovyov
Production: Igor Tolstunov’s Production Company
Russia, 2016, 120’
4 October 20:00, Saturn IMAX #1
4 October 20:00, Saturn IMAX #2
The film is based on real-life events of 1985 when the icebreaker “Mikhail Somov” was caught in the Antarctic ice and drifted for 133 days in ominous silence and extreme cold. The captain had no right to make a mistake. Any wrong maneuver could bring death upon the crew and the heavy ice could squash the ship.

Nikolay Khomeriki

Nikolay Khomeriki was born in Moscow in 1975. Graduated from the economic department of the International University (1996). He went on to study in the Netherlands. In 2000 he graduated from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (class of V.Khotinenko, P.K.Finn, V.A.Fenchenko). In 2005 completed the post-graduate course in directing at La Femis in Paris. In 2005 his short The Two of Us won the second prize in the competition of student works Cinefondation in the Cannes. His filmography includes 977 (2006), Tale in the Darkness (2009), Heart's Boomerang (2011) and others.