Along Unknown Paths Tam, na nevedomykh dorozhkakh...

Director: Mikhail Yuzovsky
USSR, 1982, 67’
A modern-day boy Mitya Sidorov was going to spend the holidays in the village with his grandmother. Little did he imagine that he was about to embark on an extraordinary adventure in a fairy land. The thing is that his grandmother was Baba-Yaga…
2 October 17:00, Cinema on the seafront

Defense of Sevastopol Oborona Sevastopolya

Directors: Aleksandr Khanzhonkov, Vasili Goncharov
Russia, 1911, 100’
The feature documentary about the Crimean War of 1854-1855, is one of the most important works in Russian national cinema. It is the first Russian full-length feature. The film set in Sevastopol and Yalta covers the activities of admirals Kornilov and Nakhimov as well as the legendary feat of Sailor Koshka.
30 September 18:00, Cinema on the seafront

Fire, Water, and... Brass Pipes Ogon’, voda i… mednye truby

Director: Aleksander Rowe
USSR, 1968, 81’
There exists a Russian idiom, "to go through fire, water and brass pipes" meaning approximately "to go to hell and back"; in other words, to persevere in the face of extreme adversity.
The young collier Vasya goes into the forest to collect firewood. In a clearing he spies the lovely Alyonushka grazing her goat Byelochka. As soon as he has fallen in love with the girl, werewolves appear and kidnap her to deliver to the wicked Koshchei. To rescue his beloved, Vasya must go through a literal version of the titular proverb: first he must pass through the kingdoms of fire and water, then contend with the more challenging "brass pipes", that is, to resist the temptation of fame and flattery.
1 October 17:00, Cinema on the seafront

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors Korolevstvo krivykh zerkal

Director: Aleksander Rowe
USSR, 1963, 80’
The film centers around an encounter between a girl named Olya Yukina and a mysterious counterpart, Yalo, while staring into a mirror. In the story, Olya steps through the mirror into the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors where Yalo resides. The kingdom, under the rule of King Yagupop LXXVII produces crooked mirrors that brainwash its people through subtle changes in reality. When Yalo's friend, a man named Gurd, is suddenly imprisoned for refusing to make crooked mirrors by the evil leaders "Anidag", "Nushrok" and "Abazh", Olya decides to accompany Yalo to rescue him.
30 September 18:45, Cinema on the seafront

Scenes from Life of People on Leave Iz zhizni otdykhayushchikh

Director: Nikolay Gubenko
USSR, 1980, 80’
In one of Crimean rest homes during a rainy Autumn inmates talk endlessly about their health and start obligatory light flirtations. But for two not-so-young loners who have all but accepted their loneliness, a real love affair is beginning…
5 October 18:30, Cinema on the seafront

Shore Leave Uvolneniye na bereg

Director: Feliks Mironer
USSR, 1962, 88’
A sailor Nikolay Valezhnikov got his shore leave and spent just one day in a Southern port town. Fulfilling his friend’s request he met a lot of people and above all a girl who would now be waiting for his return…
3 October 18:30, Cinema on the seafront

The Duel Plokhoy khoroshiy chelovek

Director: Iosif Kheifits
USSR, 1973, 94’
Based on Chekhov’s story “The Duel”. The events take place in the 1890s in a small Southern town in Russia. Suffering from boredom and a sense of the futility of life clerk Laevsky longs to break the vicious circle of his existence. His moral antipode, naturalist Von Coren is convinced that people like Laevsky deserve to be annihilated. But despite the characters' intentions and desires, providence deals with their lives in its own way...
4 October 18:30, Cinema on the seafront