Crimea of Many Faces Krym mnogolikiy

Director: Maria Razdorskaya
Russia, 2016, 58’
“Crimea of many faces” is a group portrait of the citizens of the Crimea of different nationalities. There are Greeks, Bulgarians, Frenchmen, Ukrainians and Karaites. Each of them has his own understanding of the history of the Crimea, his own attitude to neighbors. They all seem so different. But all of them have one spiritual quality in common, they love the land they live on notwithstanding the nationality.
4 October 14:45, Saturn IMAX #2

Forgotten Flights Zabytye polyoty

Director: Andrey Osipov
Russia, 2016, 47’
Once again we are in Koktebel. New destinies. Mysteries and revelations of the culture of the Silver Age.
3 October 15:45, Saturn IMAX #2

Last Poem Poslednyaya poema

Director: Valery Balayan
Russia, Ukraine, 2015, 90’
A movie about the fate of a homeless man from the Rostov region, who found himself in Moscow in the year 2000. His lifeline is traced during 15 years up to his death in Donbass in 2014.
3 October 17:30, Saturn IMAX #2

Musa Dagh Rough to Home Musa ler - tchanapar depi tun

Director: Mariam Ohanyan
Armenia, 2016, 53’
During the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the residents of six Armenian villages – Kabusia, Yoghunoluk, Bitias, Vakef, Kheter Bey and Haji Habibli – surrounding Musa Mountain (Musa Dagh) refused to obey the decree of the deportation of the Ottoman Empire and organized a defense force. Those resisting were about 5000 people, only 600 out of them were warriors with limited amount of weapons and ammunition. The film is a road movie about an Armenian family visiting the land of their ancestors.
2 October 18:30, Saturn IMAX #2

The Kangaroo Complex Le complexe du kangourou

Director: Sarah Moon Howe
Belgium, 2014, 58’
If the baby kangaroo leaves the pocket at a certain moment, the handicapped child stays longer in the lap of his/her mother. The stake being then to dare to push him/her gently out.
On his/her part, the child also has to prove to his/her mother that (s)he can become independent.
It is a long and complex process... One back and forth ceaseless way between the inside and the outside of the pocket that only the end of one life stops.
1 October 12:45, Saturn IMAX #2

Twenty Two

Director: Guo Ke
China, Republic of Korea, 2015, 112’
This documentary is a record of the memories and lives of the few surviving Japanese «comfort women» living in China. Of the 200,000 victims taken as comfort women by the Japanese army during World War II, only 22 remain in Mainland China. Their stories echo each other. As though not wishing to trespass on their lives, the camera approaches them slowly and tightly controlled, silently listening and watching. Crystal clear memories and memories long since forgotten; stories that want to be told, and at the same time be kept silent. That gap says more than words ever could.
1 October 14:30, Saturn IMAX #2

You Leave, I’ll Stay! Vi Idite, Ja Necu!

Director: Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic
Serbia, 2015, 95’
Story based on the book "The Chronicles of the New Kosovo Crucifixion" by Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro, that reveals the untold truth about Kosovo-Metohija suffering of the Serbian people, its religious and cultural heritage through history, and especially in 1998 and 1999, with emphasis on the family drama of missing Milos.
2 October 16:30, Saturn IMAX #2