A Holy Venetian Family Leoni

Director: Pietro Parolin
Italy, 2015, 90’
The story of Gualtiero, a rich man, a Daddy’s boy, very spoilt but also very fun. The financial crisis leads him to banckruptcy and he has to cope with the new situation. He doesn’t give up and uses any mean, conventional and not, to keep his previous life style.
1 October 19:45, Saturn IMAX #1

A Touch of Wind Prikosnovenie vetra

Directors: Olga Veremeeva, Elena Demidova
Russia, 2016, 77’
In the fictional story, a Moscow actress comes to faraway Buryatia to find the man she once loved. She is terminally ill and Buryatia gives her a second chance. She does not believe in miracles, but a miracle happens.
The real actress Yuliya Aug, like her character, is also in Buryatia for the first time. The documentary, filmed during the shooting of the feature film, shows the real Julia’s feelings and experiences while she discovers the real Buryatia. She also has serious problems in her life, but she has her own personality and her own experience. At the end of her journey real Julia, as well as her character, also finds herself in the datsan, she goes to a real Lama to find out her destiny and receives unexpected answers…
Yuliya's costar is a famous Buryat opera singer Eduard Zhagbaev. He becomes a “guide” in Buryatia for her and for the film crew, revealing to them and to the viewers the unique atmosphere, nature, and culture of Buryatia. Buddhist rituals, national celebrations, martial arts, dialogues with local people – were shot in real time and were not staged.
3 October 20:00, Saturn IMAX #1


Director: Pavle Vuckovic
Serbia, 2015, 104’
Jovan starts dating Maja casually, no strings attached. But overtime, her mysterious and shady behavior begins to disturb him. Jovan starts to follow videos and clues over social networks that hint at Maja’s parallel life. In a web of lies, pride, jealousy and passionate sex, Jovan loses himself, desperately trying to understand who Maja really is.
3 October 13:45, Saturn IMAX #1


Director: Nurtas Adambay
Kazakhstan, 2016, 82’
A usual evening at a night club in one of the most criminal towns in Kazakhstan Talas ends in conflict with the son of a local criminal boss. In the ensuing brawl the son dies. Realizing the hopelessness of their situation, the friends decide to flee to Alma-Aty taking with them a chance visitor to the club Aizhan and the first taxi driver they could find. In the meantime the hunt for them is already under way.
3 October 16:00, Saturn IMAX #1

Teli and Toli

Director: Aleksandr Amirov
Russia, 2016, 90’
The action takes place in one of the mountain gorges of Central Caucasus Ridge, where two villages peacefully coexisted since times immemorial, one of them Toli, inhabited by Ossetians, another one Teli, inhabited by Georgians. Two abandoned villages, without gas or electricity, and now divided by state border that follows a shallow river Aragavka. Both Ossetians and Georgians, used to their way of life, cannot accept the border that divides them.
3 October 18:45, Saturn IMAX #1

The Count in Oranges Graf v apelsinakh

Director: Vlada Senkova
Belarus, 2015, 114’
Five teenagers go to the country for a birthday party. One of them takes his younger sister with him. The weather is great, rock music is shaking the walls of the cottage, beer flows like water, and sexual tension hangs in the air. In the morning the guys realize the little girl has vanished.
2 October 17:00, Saturn IMAX #1

The Path to Mother Anaga aparar jol

Director: Akan Satayev
Kazakhstan, 2016, 130’
The film covers several complex periods of Kazakhstan’s history: collectivization, famine, or Jute - one of the greatest tragedies of Kazakh people, the Great patriotic war, and the post-war years. The plot centers on a man who has lived through many hardships, a terrible war and a labour camp. But despite everything, he longs to his home where his mother has been waiting for him all this time.
4 October 14:30, Saturn IMAX #1

Toni Erdmann

Director: Maren Ade
Germany, 2016, 162’
Practical joker Winfried disguises himself as flashy «Toni Erdmann» to get busy Ines’ attention and change her corporate lifestyle. The father-daughter challenge reaches absurd proportions until Ines begins to see that her eccentric father deserves a place in her life…
1 October 16:30, Saturn IMAX #1

Worst woman Choe-ag-ui Yeo-ja

Director: Kim Jongkwan
Republic of Korea, 2016, 94’
Ryohei, a Japanese writer, visits Seoul for his book launch party. He often writes a story pushing characters into a corner and then makes it be a tragedy. He meets Eunhee by chance, who is in a trouble, just like in his novels. Eunhee is an actress who also plays in her real life. One day, she meets 3 different men and changes her own character each time she dates them, just like taking a role in the play. One of her is clever and polite, another is boyish and honest, and the last seems elegant and mature. Though each of her performance full of lies seems going smoothly, everything is about to be messed up at the end.
2 October 15:00, Saturn IMAX #1