Duelist Duelyant

Director: Aleksey Mizgiryov
Russia, 2016, 110’
A retired officer Yakovlev fights as a duelist representative, standing out for other people in duels upon prior agreement. (The Russian dueling code allowed for such practice.) Though Yakovlev fights for money, he sees his honor as the most important thing in life. His past is painful. He was publicly disgraced and was close to facing a shameful death, but survived. He returns to St. Petersburg after a long exile to seek out honor and revenge against those responsible for his misfortunes.
30 September 20:00, Saturn IMAX #1
30 September 20:00, Saturn IMAX #IMAX

Good Boy Khoroshiy malchik

Director: Oksana Karas
Russia, 2016, 95’
"Good Boy" tells about six days from the life of the widely-read and for his age quite self-confident sixth-former Kolya Smirnov. The week begins with a kaleidoscope of events. First, Kolya falls in love with his teacher. Second, someone sets fire to the school's extension that houses the new computers. Third, the headmaster's daughter Ksiusha, who is in the year above Kolya, falls in love with him, having decided that it was Kolya who burnt down the school. Well, and to top it all, Kolya's dad declares the family's transition to 12/36 regime, which does not allow our protagonist to sleep and focus his mind. There are only a few days left until the Saturday school party, where all the characters of this comedy of human foibles and illusions will come together: the boy must sort out his love life, investigate arson, and figure out how to get along with his parents. Suddenly, the headmaster makes him an unexpected offer…
1 October 19:30, Saturn IMAX #2

Once Upon a Time We Zhili-byli my

Director: Anna Chernakova
Russia, 2016, 98’
Marusia’s mother got angry with the girl and her father for the spoilt sketch and broken watch and left for the city, not telling them when she was coming back. Then the father decides to take Marusia and go somewhere, no matter where. But the girl does not want to leave her home and her mother. To play for time she starts telling dad a fairy-tale in which her mom, when she was still a little girl, went time-travelling to the past to save him. There she lived through terrible dangers and met amazing people.
2 October 14:30, Saturn IMAX #2

The Icebreaker Ledokol

Director: Nikolay Khomeriki
Russia, 2016, 120’
The film is based on real-life events of 1985 when the icebreaker “Mikhail Somov” was caught in the Antarctic ice and drifted for 133 days in ominous silence and extreme cold. The captain had no right to make a mistake. Any wrong maneuver could bring death upon the crew and the heavy ice could squash the ship.
4 October 20:00, Saturn IMAX #1
4 October 20:00, Saturn IMAX #2

Versus Molot

Director: Nurbek Egen
Russia, 2016, 111’
A horrible accident puts an end to “Hammer’s” career just a step away from the champion’s title. From now on every fight can become his last one. But when his love is threatened, he proves that he earned his nickname “Hammer” not only for his deadly blow. He has always been a true fighter in the ring and in life and he carries on his struggle even amongst the web of lies and betrayals. He puts everything at stake to save himself and his beloved.
3 October 21:00, Saturn IMAX #1