Concert Kontsert

Director: Aleksandr Andrievsky
USSR, 1941, 40’
A concert film. The concert is hosted by Vladimir Yakhontov, music by Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Liszt, Strauss is heard. This is the first ever sound stereo film to be seen without special glasses using Semyon Ivanov’s technology. In the film concert items are interspersed with documentary and landscape footage depicting Russian nature. The film consists of separate concert items and scenes, showing “the third dimension” to the greatest advantage.
The unusual concept of the spectacle, the sense of three dimensions achieved without any technical gadgets account for its immense success. Until now most viewers associate their experience of stereo cinema with unforgettable childhood memories of watching stereo films in the cinema theatre “Moscow”.

Crystals Kristally

Director: Yakov Kaplunov
USSR, 1948, 20’
Kristally is a 3D documentary film about how crystals are formed. The film was the first live-action, as well as animated, autostereoscopic film to have full color in it. It was also the first 3D popular science film with graphic animation.

Multicolored Pebbles Raznotsvetnye kameshki

Director: Sergey Mikaelyan
USSR, 1960, 64’

Sunny Place Solnechniy kray

Director: Matvey Volodrasky
USSR, 1948, 22’
A film about the seaside resort life in the Crimea and Sochi in the first post-war years.

The Day of Magic Impressions Den chudesnykh vpechatleniy

Director: Aleksander Rowe
USSR, 1950, 29’
A stereo film about one day in the pioneer camp Artek. It features Georgy Millyar and the pioneers of Artek. In 2014 the movie has been digitally remastered from the original negative from the collection of Gosfilmofond of Russia.