A Tale about the Silly Little Mouse Skazka o glupom myshonke

Director: Mikhail Tsekhanovsky
USSR, 1940, 14’
The silly little mouse won’t go to sleep, so his mother seeks help from her neighbours, the duck, the pig, the toad, the horse and the pike. No-one can help. Eventually the cat succeeds in singing the silly little mouse to sleep. The next morning however the cat is discovered to have run away with the little mouse. Led by the dog, the other characters manage to rescue the little mouse from the cat, just as she is about to eat it.
2 October 17:00, Spartak

The Fox and the Wolf Lisa i volk

Director: Sarra Mokil
USSR, 1937, 17’
An old man and old women lived together. One day the old man told his wife to bake some bread for he was going fishing. He later caught a whole truckload of fish and began to head home happy with his luck. On his way he saw a fox curled up on the side of the road. He crept up on the fox and found that it wasn’t moving at all…
2 October 17:00, Spartak

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish Skazka o rybake i rybke

Director: Aleksandr Ptushko
1937, 27’
An old man and woman have been living poorly for many years. They have a small hut, and every day the man goes out to fish. One day, he throws in his net and pulls out seaweed two times in succession, but on the third time he pulls out a golden fish. The fish pleads for its life, promising any wish in return.
2 October 17:00, Spartak

The Winter Tale Zimnyaya skazka

Director: Ivan Ivanov-Vano
USSR, 1945, 11’
The film is shoot on Petr Tchaikovsky’s music. It is a cheerful musical New Year's fairy tale for children about wood animals who meet New year together. Father Frost helped the Frost, the Snow Maiden and the Snowball.
2 October 17:00, Spartak

The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats Volk i semero kozlyat

Director: Sarra Mokil
USSR, 1936, 10’
A mother goat leaves her seven children at home while she ventures into the forest to find food. Before she leaves, she warns her young about the Big Bad Wolf who will try to sneak into the house and gobble them up. The wolf will pretend to be their mother and convince the kids to open the door. The young children will be able to recognize their true mother by her white feet and sweet voice.
2 October 17:00, Spartak