Albatros. Russian film studio in Paris Albatros, les Russes blancs á Paris

Directors: Alexandre Moix, Yury Yarovenko
France, Russia, 2017, 52’
Night of the 8th of February 1920, Yalta. Escaping from the “red terror” a group of Russian filmmakers – producers, directors, actors, artists, costume designers – secretly board the ship heading for France. Russian emigrants find refuge in Montreuil near Paris in the abandoned Pathé studios. In a matter of a few years they will create a unique and powerful cinematic empire. In ten years the production company “Albatross” created by the Russians became one of the most successful film companies in France. The Russians successfully competed with Hollywood and acquainted the world with such brilliant artists as Jean Epstein, Jacques Feyder, Marcel L'Herbier, René Clair. But the sound which came to the screen in 1930, silenced the Russian stars of the studio. And a few years later the same fate befell the studio itself.
25 September 15:45, Saturn IMAX #2

An Epoch Epoha

Director: Maya Vaptsarova
Bulgaria, 2016, 37’
The film is a review of the new Epoch of Wild Ferocity that is drawing to an end and in which we have been struggling to survive even today. Like in all political and strategic experiments in the world, we lived only as long as the echo of the gong of time traced the dying function of our exaltation.
21 September 13:45, Saturn IMAX #2


Director: Hamid Benamra
Algeria, France, 2016, 86’
Over 16 years, the camera caught a femininity searching for itself. This is not an dancing abecedarium nor a brochure of playmates,nor a feminist petition, women here confide serenely and freely. Contemporary Middle-Eastern Dancer Assia Guemra is a former France Taekwondo champion, a discipline where the color of the belt does not matter if you cannot face your opponent. Her belt is neither a nightclub accessory nor a cinematographic lure but gives its tempo to the belly. The filmmaker gets close to the womb and understands that women mirror him.
24 September 17:15, Saturn IMAX #2

The Deminer

Directors: Hogir Hirori, Shinwar Kamal
Sweden, 2018, 80’
In 2003 Fakhir, the father of eight children, goes on a military mission to Mosul (Iraq) to fight against the terror after the fall of Saddam Hussein. When he sees how thousands of innocent people are struck by exploding mines he decides to become a deminer. With just a simple knife and a pair of clippers he manages to disarm thousands of mines, a task that could cost him his life every second but that does not make him stop. Fakhir’s ambition is greater than that and he knows that innocent people need his help.
23 September 15:30, Saturn IMAX #2

The Green Lie Die Grüne Lüge

Director: Werner Boote
Austria, Algeria, 2018, 97’
Environmentally friendly electric cars, sustainably produced food, fair production: the big companies would have us believe that we can save the world just by buying the right stuff. But this is a widespread and dangerous lie. How can fight it?
21 September 17:15, Saturn IMAX #2

The Mystery of a Buryat Lama Phenomen Etigelova. Zagadka buryatskogo lamy

Director: Elena Demidova
Russia, 2018, 95’
The documentary film tells a story of one of the most famous lamas, Pandido Khambo Lama Dashi Dorjo Itigelov. His body is recognized as one of the sacred Buddhist objects of Russia and is being kept in the Ivolginsky Datsan. The Buddhist monks approach him as a living person.
24 September 14:15, Saturn IMAX #2

The Return of a Genius Vozvraschenie geniya

Director: Andrey Novosyolov
Russia, 2017, 57’
Film tells the story of the genius sculptor from Mordovia, Stepan Erzya. He spent twenty years on the other side of the globe. The tree kept him in distant Argentina. The tree of his soul. He opened it for the world. He was expressing through him souls of people. In our film-poem soul of Erzya will return. We assume that even after the death, the great soul allowed to see what never saw the Master's eyes. The soul will see the Museum. His own Museum. And he will see his children - amazing sculptures.
22 September 13:45, Saturn IMAX #2

To Serve, or Not to Serve Khochu sluzhit'

Director: Andjei Petras
Russia, 2018, 60’
To Serve, or Not to Serve is a tragicomedic musical documentary about people who live in the opposite corners of a huge country. Valechka is a giant bearded man. He is preparing an old motor boat to put in the Neva river and believes that his Motherland is the Soviet Union. Ivan Ivanovich loves music, the Army and Irina Pavlovna.
Nika lives in Yalta and studies in high school. She thinks her Motherland is Russia and wants to serve in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Maria chose the University over a career of an actress and wants to help people. During shooting of the film our heroes’ lives changed. What is their Motherland now and whom do they want to serve?
24 September 20:00, Saturn IMAX #2

Wonderful Life Zhizn prekrasna

Director: Azamat Sharshenov
Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea, 2017, 50’
Dima lives with his wife Maksat and their son Akhmed in a meagre flat in Bichtek, the capital of Kirghizstan. The documentary follows them in their daily life that seems ordinary, except that the three of them are blind. Therefore, the most obvious gestures of daily life sometimes becomes difficult... which makes young Akhmed very happy: as the only family member able to see a little he comically takes advantage of the situation from the top of his eight years.
26 September 17:00, Saturn IMAX #1
23 September 13:30, Saturn IMAX #2