Director: Sergey Solovyov
USSR, 1987, 145’
The main plot takes place in the winter of 1980 and tells the story of Alika, a young nurse who stays in Yalta with her patient and lover Krymov, who is considerably older than she is. Krymov is the head of a criminal group and is being watched by inept KGB agents, but Alika is not completely aware of it. In Yalta Alika meets Bananan, a young and eccentric underground rock musician, who introduces her to the Soviet counterculture. When Krymov discovers that Alika is developing a relationship with Bananan, he becomes jealous and tries to convince Bananan to leave Alika and Yalta altogether.
23 September 19:30, Open-Air Cinema #1

Passenger Passazhirka

Director: Stanislav Govorukhin
Russia, 2009, 105’
The film takes place in 1882. Russian ship "Brave" goes from San Francisco to Hong Kong. The Russian consul takes a young widow on board and it brings brings trouble to the way of life of the harsh marine team.
22 September 21:00, Open-Air Cinema #1
24 September 21:00, Open-Air Cinema #1

Pirates of the 20th Century Piraty XX veka

Director: Boris Durov
USSR, 1980, 81’
A Soviet cargo ship Nezhin carrying medical opium gets attacked by pirates of an unknown nationality. The crew is left to die on a sinking ship but they manage to escape and now must fight the pirates for survival.
22 September 19:30, Open-Air Cinema #1
24 September 19:30, Open-Air Cinema #1