21 X New York 21 X Nowy Jork

Director: Piotr Stasik
Poland, 2016, 71’
A documentary essay about a condition of a man in the western civilization in the 21st century told by 21 people met in New York subway. People look for love, but have no strength for it. Interpersonal bonds wither and break in the mixture of social media. Sex is mistaken for closeness. This multi-layered symphony of longing for emotions, need to communicate and all-embracing loneliness is also a mirror, in which we can see ourselves if only we have the courage.
16 September 14:15, Saturn IMAX #2


Director: Federica Di Giacomo
Italy, France, 2016, 89’
A film on the comeback of exorcism in the contemporary world. Each year a growing number of people call their sense of unease “possession.” Father Cataldo is one of the most sought-after exorcists in Sicily and elsewhere; he is famous for his tireless fighting spirit. Whether believers or not, how far are we prepared to go to get recognition for our own disease? What are we prepared to do to be delivered from it, here and now? This is the story of a meeting between the act of exorcism and everyday life, where the contrasts between the ancient and modern, the religious and profane, are at times disturbing and at others exhilarating.
18 September 14:00, Saturn IMAX #2


Director: Rahul Jain
India, Germany, Finland, 2016, 75’
Moving through the corridors and bowels of an enormous and disorientating structure, the camera takes the viewer on a descent down to a dehumanized place of physical labor and intense hardship. This gigantic textile factory in Gujarat, India might just as well be the decorum for a 21st century Dante’s Inferno. In his mind-provoking yet intimate portrayal, director Rahul Jain observes the life of the workers, the suffering and the environment they can hardly escape from.
17 September 16:00, Saturn IMAX #2

Pro Shamiram

Director: Mariam Ohanyan
Armenia, 2017, 46’
The main thing in life is to find its meaning. But what if nobody needs whatever you do? What shall the writer do when nobody reads his books? The artist, when nobody buys his paintings? The actor when nobody comes to see his performances? Aida Simon is a dancer, an actress, a choreograph, a teacher, a bodybuilder. She jumps at any job but her main passion is dance. Aida stages the play “About Shamiram” based on the Armenian legend about the unrequited love of the Assyrian queen Shamiram for the Armenian tsar Ara the Beautiful. The tsar turns down the enamoured queen and she decides to take revenge.
16 September 15:45, Saturn IMAX #2

The Good Postman

Director: Tonislav Hristov
Finland, Bulgaria, 0, 0’
A small Bulgarian village just by the Turkish border has found itself in the middle of a European crisis, as at nights asylum seekers sneak passing the border. The forgotten village has become the most important secret loophole of Europe.
Ivan, the local postman, has a vision. He decides to run for mayor and turn the dying village alive by welcoming refugees. His opponents want to close their eyes, close down the border and reintroduce communism. As the campaign goes on, Ivan soon learns that while good intentions are not enough, even the smallest deeds matter.
17 September 17:45, Saturn IMAX #2

Third-Class Travel Platzkart

Director: Rodion Ismailov
Russia, 2017, 80’
A documentary film which recounts the lives of passengers travelling on the longest railway route in the world. The director tells the stories and fortunes of ordinary Russians met by chance on the Moscow-Vladivostok train. The endless journey is a metaphor of the country in perpetual motion, while the passengers' stories form a social portrait of contemporary Russian society.
16 September 19:15, Saturn IMAX #2

To See Brenta! Pushkinskaya Italia. Uvidet’ Brentu!

Director: Galina Evtushenko
Russia, 2017, 56’
The first part of the non-live-action dilogy takes the viewer to Italy, to Rome, which Pushkin never visited. In the Eternal City the authors find monuments and places that were familiar to Pushkin from books, paintings and accounts of travellers. In his youth the poet called himself “an inexperienced lover of foreign lands”. The film seems to follow Pushkin’s imagination, presenting Italian realia in an even more beautiful light than in reality. Russia and Italy in the creative mind of the Russian genius are the two poles, two conceptual backbones of the film. It traces Italian parallels in “Eugene Onegin”, “Copper Horseman”, “The Songs of the Western Slavs”, the lyrical and dramatic writings of the poet. Following their protagonist, the authors try to discern Italian traces in Pushkin’s everyday life, in the life of his Russian contemporaries.
16 September 17:15, Saturn IMAX #2

Two Generations Back Home Dva pokoleniya na Rodine

Director: Asiyat Mamaeva
Russia, 2017, 95’
On the 3rd of May 1957 the first train carrying Karachai people returning from exile arrived home. This journey home took them 14 years. What were those years in exile like for the people and for each family? What was the meaning of life for them, how did they bring up the younger generation, how did they preserve their cultural values and their language in a foreign land? The protagonists of the film, the witnesses of that period who know at first hand what separation from the homeland means, will share their experience.
18 September 15:45, Saturn IMAX #2