Born in 1958 in Bangladesh. Film critic, film society activist, documentary filmmaker and editor. Bachelor of Arts. President of the Rainbow Film Society, editor of the cine-magazine Celluloid. Founder and director of the Dhaka International Film Festival since 1992. As FIPRESCI member took part in critics jury for the Cannes International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, and many others. Director of several documentaries, including “Truth and Beyond” (2006), “Smritir Minar” (2007), “Pahela Baishakh” (2011).
Shares her life between Switzerland, Germany and Russia. As a film director she directed “Mein Name ist Bach” (Swiss Film Award 2004), “Luftbusiness” (Swiss Film Award for best male actor 2007), “Elegy for a Lighthouse” (2014), “A Selfie with Anton Chekhov” (2021), etc. As a writer she published novels “Douchinka”, “La Poussette”, “Rose Envy”, “Le Monsieur qui vendait des choses inutiles”. As a photographer she edited “Sans début nifin”, “Le Chemin du Mur de Berlin” (2009), “Les Hommes de sable de Choïna” (2013), “Kaliningrad, la petite Russie d’Europe” (2020). For the theater she set in scene “Femme non-rééducable, a Memorandum about Anna Politkovskaya” (2016).
Russia / Bulgaria
Curator if international cultural projects of Russia with the Balkan countries. Graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Culture. Since 1983 has been living in Bulgaria. In the early 1990’s worked as a dubbing director of the highly popular Latin American series on Russian TV. Since 1995 has been active in promoting Russian cinema in Bulgaria and the Balkan countries, since 2003 became an employee of the Russian Cultural and Information Center in Sofia. He is a member of the Eurasian Academy of TV and Radio and the foreign relations advisor of the 33rd Moscow IFF, winner of many awards, including the medal for the contribution to the restoration of historical memory, merits and valor of General M.Skobelev, the Honorary Diploma of the 30th Moscow IFF for promoting Russian cinema abroad, the Prize of the “Golden Muse” Foundation for spreading Russian culture in Bulgaria, medals for “Strengthening Friendship among Peoples”, etc