Chairman of the Jury
Born in Minsk. In 1994 graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts as a documentary film director and started working at the Belarusfilm Studio. Participant and winner of numerous international film festivals. In 2007, her film “As is Their Wont” became the best national film of the Republic of Belarus. In 2012, she won the Special Prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus for cultural and art workers “For Spiritual Revival”. In 2014 she was named Minsk Woman of the Year. In 2019, received the award of Trade Unions of Belarus. Her filmography includes non-fiction films “Love Me Black” (1993), “The Wo-man’s Question” (1995), “Arlen’s Faust” (1996), “To Town and World” (1997), “Vacations for an Orphan” (1998), “Father’s Line” (2000), “Once Upon a Time” (2001), “Genius of Place” (2002), “Continuation” (2003), “My God” (2004), “Man’s Business” (2006), “Mom Will Come!” (2007), “The Gift” (2009), “The Nun” (2010), “Party That Always...” (2012), “Military Music” (2013), “Shambala” (2014), “Two Andreys” (2015), “Our Children” (2017), “Swans” (2018), “Vyado”, “Good Girls Don’t Get Beaten” (2019), “An Arrow” (2021), etc.
Film critic and film scholar, conducting research in Bulgarian cinema at the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, lecturer in various disciplines at the Department of Film Studies and Film Dramaturgy of NATFA since 1994. He has professional experience as a director, writer, producer, distributor, and cinema manager. Winner of the Bulgarian Film Academy Award as producer. He was exe-
cutive director of the National Film Centre, deputy program director of the Bulgarian National Television, executive director of Sofia Film and Audio-Vi-deo Orpheus, and manager of Narodna Kultura Publishing House. He is the author of the books “Ask the Audience. Bulgarian Films and Their Audiences at the Beginning of the 21st Century” (2018); “The Independents in Cinema. From Edison to Netflix” (2019); “Mapping the Untamed Cinematic: Post-1989 Bulgarian Independent, Amateur, and Alternative Cinema” (2021), project manager for the exhibition “Vasil Gendov – Life Between Theatre and Cinema” (2021).
Republic of Korea
Born in Busan. Studied art and media at Hongik University and Art Center College of Design. He is the director of the feature film “Navigation” (2013). His short film “Mime in Mine” (2018) was screened at the 14th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. International premiere of his non-fiction film “Mimist” (2021) took place at the Moscow International Film Festival this year.