Dear Friends!
On behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation I welcome you at the Yalta International Film Festival “Eurasian Bridge”.
It has been and remains an important venue for cultural interaction between Russia and Eurasian countries. Every year the forum offers an intense program comprising striking instances of modern cinema and films that have become part of the classical heritage of our national cinema. It is a spot where famous filmmakers come together to share their works and experience.
The screenings are invariably popular with the audience. I am sure that this year the films festivities in the hospitable Yalta will feature “sold-out” notices.
I wish all of you amazing discoveries and creative inspiration! Enjoy the screenings!
Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova
Dear friends!
A bridge symbolizes movement, progress and unity. The participants of this remarkable festival are united in their love for film art.
The language of cinema is universal. Irrespective of the country of its origin a high-quality film makes the viewer ponder on the eternal values which are equally important for all people.
Holding such a meaningful event in the Crimea promotes cultural relations between regions, countries, nations, helps communicate to the international audience the truth about our peninsular not marred by the distorting mirrors of the unscrupulous media.
I extend my sincere gratitude to the festival organi-
zers and above all to the audience. It is your interest and support that let it live and grow.
I wish fruitful work, creative success, well-deserved awards to the participants of the “Eurasian Bridge” and high spirits to the audience.
The Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov
Dear guests and participants of the festival! Dear friends!
I extend my sincere welcome and congratulate you on the beginning of the eventful, creative and colorful life of the Yalta International Film Festival “Eurasian Bridge”.
During these golden October days our viewers will see films by authors from different regions of Russia, from the towns in neighboring CIS countries and further abroad. The works that have been selected are a superb collection of films about the spiritual world of man who knows how to preserve the love for his native land, its culture and nature.
Every year the festival gains strength, broadens its horizons, continues to serve its noble mission of preserving cultural traditions and historical monuments of nations.
Among festival participants you’ll find representatives of different generations, professions, world outlooks. It is of utmost importance that they are united in their love of cinema and their sincere interest in deep philosophical questions which always remain relevant, namely devotion to one’s family, one’s motherland and commitment to its spiritual values.
I wish successful screenings to festival organizers, stunning filmic discoveries to the international jury and to each of us – to find within the program those movies which will resonate with the finest strings in our souls, will arouse deep feelings and will make us think about important matters!
Peace and creative inspiration to all!
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Crimea Tatiana Manezhina