Chairman of the Jury
Film director, scriptwriter, producer of fiction features and documentaries. Organizer and head of the film company Studio Author. Student and colleague of Alexei German and Svetlana Karmalita. Director of the first Russian-Syrian feature film “Palmyra” (2020). Winner of numerous prizes of national and international festivals, as well as film awards. His producing project “Velga” got a special mention by the jury of the VI Yalta IFF “Eurasian Bridge”. His directorial filmography also includes “The Miracle of Daniil Kharms” (2005, doc.), “Melody for German” (2008, doc.), “On the Line of Play” (2010, doc.), “John the Baptist” (2015, doc.), “Kharms” (2016). Producer of films “Volok. Dreams of the Road” (2022, doc.) and “Don’t Bury Me Without Ivan” (2022).
Romania, France
Director, scriptwriter, producer. Born in Romania. In 1983 graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (degree in engineering). In 1985–1989 worked as an engineer for Film Centre in Bucharest. In 1990 he emigrated to France where he has lived since. Since 1991 – teacher at ENSAV. In 2013 – PhD at the Jean-Jaures University of Toulouse. His best-known films “Europolis” (2011) and “The Wreck” (2020) got numerous awards of international film festivals, as did his recent film “The Deadman’s Bride” (2022), shown in the main competition of the 45th Moscow IFF. His filmography also includes “Masquerade” (2002, doc.), “The Brassy Bands” (2007, doc.), “The Crypt” (2014), “Sun Dance” (2017, doc.), “My First Script Documentary” (2023, short), etc.
France, Russia
Producer, director, actress. Born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Since her teenage years she performed on stage, acted in shorts, collaborated with Russian fashion companies as a model. In 2016 she finished the drama school in France. In 2017 she organized a producing and distribution company Leva Productions, which produced a number of full-length and short films, and is currently preparing the release of the feature film “So Close to the Sun”. In 2018 she debuted as a director of the feature film #Moscou-Royan, where also played the leading female part. In 2019 this film was screened at the Moscow IFF and released in France and Russia. In addition, as a passionate music fan, she is involved in the management of the Rachmaninoff Conservatory in Paris. Also she gives lectures and master classes on producing and acting.